Do you have files in your server you want to delete regularly, such as cache or temporary files? We'll teach you how to do that!

Login on your game panel

In the server overview, click on the name of your server

Click on the Auto file remover button in the navigation at the left side

Type the file name in the text field
If you want to delete text.txt out of the cache folder that is located in the root of your files of the "container" folder (the root folder you start in when clicking on files in the menu) then it will look like this:

Then select a day out of the dropdown, and the hour and minutes of the day you want to delete the file on
For example: If you choose Day: Everyday Hour: 16 Minute: 30, the file will delete everyday at 16:30

Click on ADD

When clicked on add you can see your file removal task information, what file, when it deletes, and when it deleted the file the last time!
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