Importing a .SQL file is very easy. In this tutorial we show you how to do this.

Database programs
There are a couple of database manage tools that you could use.

Some examples:
HeidiSQL - Free
Navicat - Paid, trial available

In this tutorial we will use the free HeidiSQL tool

Create a MySQL database if you have not done this yet.
To get your MySQL login credentials, go to SERVER MANAGEMENT -> Databases

You will now find your database credentials.
Database = database name
Username = database username
Password = database password
MySQL Host - Everything before the ' : ' is your MySQL host/IP, everything behind the ' : ' is the MySQL port

Open HeidiSQL
We would like to create a new connection if no one exists yet. Click on the New button

Enter the Hostname, User, Password and Port and Click on Open

Click on your database name

Click on Query

Right click on the empty text field and click on "Load SQL File"

You can also copy and paste the content of the SQL file to the empty text fiel

Open the SQL file that you want to import

If there is any text like USE `essentialmode` inside the SQL file. You will have to change essentailmode to the name of your database

Click on the play button or press F9

The .SQL file will now import. If you get an error message then something is wrong with the Queries in your SQL file.
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