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In this tutorial will will show you how to setup an automatic backup every 24 hours on 1:00 AM
Important: If your server has reached it's backup limit, you need to remove an old backup first before it can make a new backup

Login on your game panel
In the server overview, click on the name of your server

Click on Schedules


Give your schedule a name
Set the time that you schedule should run.
- In the MINUTE field enter: 0
- In the HOUR field enter: 1
- In the DAY OF MONTH field enter: *
- In the DAY OF WEEK field enter: *


Click on the name of your new schedule

Click on NEW TASK

In the ACTION field select: Create backup
If you create a backup for a FiveM server please enter the name alpine in the IGNORED FILES text field

Click on "CREATE TASK"

You automatic backup is now configured. The system will now create a backup every 24 hours on 1:00 AM.
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