You want a fancy new server icon but you don't know how to install it? No problem! In this toturial we will explain how to upload your own server icon.

The size must be 64x64 pixels
The name must be server-icon.png
The image must be in png format*

In the control panel go to Files

Click on Upload and upload your server-icon.png to the main directory of your server.
Restart your server.

After a few minutes the logo should be visible.

Common mistakes

Server image cache
Your icon may not update right away. First try to restart the server and your client and possibly add the server again to your server list if your server icon is not visible after that. If the image is still not visible after that, you are probably running into one of the problems below.

Wrong name
Things other than server-icon.png will not work. A .jpg or servericon.png will therefore not produce an image. Your browser may change the name of this image if you have several in the download folder. Like for example server-icon (1).png. So make sure the file is named server-icon.png.

Wrong server icon map
A Minecraft server icon belongs in the root folder of your server, so next to the plugins folder, server.jar, etc. It is not a plugin or world and will therefore not work in any other folder.

Wrong format
Note that the image size must be 64x64. Otherwise minecraft will not accept your server icon. You can view the size of the image in many cases by right-clicking on the image and then going to properties. This should be 64x64 and no other format.
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