Don't know how you gonna renew your server? No problem! Let your player donate.
Via this donation page you players can donate for your server. You will receive credits for every donation.
We take NO commission. Insteds we gave you 10% extra. So for every 100 credits that have been donated, you will receive 110 credits

In this tutorial I will show you how you can setup your personal donation page.

Go to your dashboard en click on Donations in de menu
In the left box set your server name and the identifier.

What is the identifier?
The identifier is how your players are going to identify themself. You can choose between steam name, discord name and ingame name

In the right box copy your personal donate link and give them to your players. Via this link they can choose how much credits they want to donate and pay.
After a player has donated you will receive an email with his identifier. You can also see all donators on your donations page in the Dashboard

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