There is often some difference in the steps that you have to go through to add a certain resource. In this tutorial we will add the TakeHostage resource as an example.
Always read the installation instructions of the resource you are adding if provided by the creator!

TakeHostage resource

Create a folder on your desktop called: resources
Download the above file.
Drag the downloaded file into the resources folder on your desktop.

Extract the file via windows explorer or an extraction tool such as WinRAR.

Open the folder that you have just extracted.

The file we just downloaded contains multiple resources. We will only add TakeHostage. Sometimes a github project contains multiple resources and sometimes only 1. This is different per resource that you download.

Connect via FTP to manage your files.

Drag the TakeHostage folder to the resource folder of your server in the FTP window.

Open the server.cfg of your server.

Add the following in your server.cfg above #allow client mods such as Lamda Menu?:
start TakeHostage

Save the server.cfg file and don't forget to confirm this in Filezilla!

Start your FiveM server.

If you get no errors in your console, your resource has been successfully added.

Sometimes you may have to import a .SQL file. This file is usually in the folder of your resource and is often mentioned in the installation instructions of the resource in question.
It is possible that before you can add a resource, you must first add another resource. This is usually described in the installation instructions of the resource. If you do not do this, you will receive an error message.
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