Do you want to give your friends access to your game server? Never share your password! VibeGAMES has a feature to share your control panel with your friends or developers.

In the control panel, click on Users

Click on New user at the bottom right
Enter the users email, and give them the permissions you would like them to have.

Once done, click on Invite user at the bottom right, or top right.

The user you added will now get an email with the invitation to access the server.
If the user already has a VibeGAMES account they can use that one to access the server. If the user does not have a VibeGAMES account, then he will get an account created in their email. Make sure to tell him to click the Setup Your Account button in the email to setup his account.

Now your friend is able to access your server and perform the actions you gave him permissions to! (You can always edit his permissions in the Sub-users page)
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