Before you can start your FiveM server you have to create a license code. In this tutorial we explain how.

Go to and log in (you may have to create a new account).

Once logged in, press register.

Then Login on your game panel

In the server overview, click on the name of your server

Click on Startup Settings

Click on the green CLICK HERE TO CHANGE THE LICENSE KEY button.

Go back to the FiveM keymaster page you have opened in step 2
Then fill in all details that the VibeGAMES control panel says you to do, such as:
Display name:
Server IP Address:
Server Type:
You can find all this information in the control panel at step 6.
Fill in the captcha and click on the blue Generate button.

Then click on the ID of your key

Copy the key

Go back to the VibeGAMES control panel and enter your license code (key) in the text box below ENTER YOUR NEW FIVEM LICENSE. Then click confirm at the bottom right.

restart your FiveM server.

As soon as the console says: Server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome! Everything is OK!
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